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Say Hello to the Equinox EV

the first-ever all-electric equinox ev banner

It’s electric - the first ever Equinox EV
Equinox EV is where SUV power meets electric innovation, rounding up to a game-changer in contemporary technology. This exceptional vehicle embodies the evolution of electric vehicles without sacrificing the authentic SUV feel. It's no longer necessary to make sacrifices in function or style to embrace electric.

EV Equipped With

  • 300 miles electric range on a full charge*
  • 17.7-in. Diagonal
  • In 10 minutes of charging approx. 70 miles of range* per GM estimates with DC fast public charging

Ultimate Travel Companion Ready for both short trips and long adventures with its impressive 300-mile electric range on a single charge. And with innovative features like Regen On Demand and One Pedal Driving, you can store kinetic energy in the battery to keep you on the move.

Impressive Safety Features The Equinox EV has some seriously impressive safety features. Aside from Chevy Safety Assist, it also comes equipped with Reverse Automatic Braking! Be alerted to potential collisions and have your car automatically apply the brakes to prevent an accident. This technology is specifically designed to detect objects and vehicles that may be behind you while you're in reverse. You can feel confident knowing that your Equinox EV is looking out for you every time you hit the road.

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